Belnet Internet Strategies

You are probably wondering who we are ... we are Dayton, Ohio's newest Internet Service Provider (ISP).  We are locally owned and operated.  The founders of Belnet have over 20 years of Systems and Networking experience.  We started this company because we were tired of busy signals, high priced service, poor support and most importantly because it's something we love to do.

We do have a few things you need to be made aware of ...

We are here to provide you with a low cost, high quality Internet Service.  In order to do that we we both have to understand a few things.  First and most important is our Acceptable Use Policy.   The other item is the Service Agreement.  The Acceptable Use Policy and Service Agreement were designed to protect our customers and Belnet.  Please be sure to read them.  If there are changes to either document you will be notified of the change and how it impacts you as a user.


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