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You are probably wondering who we are ... we are Dayton, Ohio's newest Internet Service Provider (ISP).  We are locally owned and operated.  The founders of Belnet have over 20 years of Systems and Networking experience.  We started this company because we were tired of busy signals, high priced service, poor support and most importantly because it's something we love to do.

Why choose Belnet over the other Providers?

We firmly believe in capacity planning. That means we will do our very best to never have a busy signal. Granted there are several factors that contribute to those annoying busy signals on other providers, but at Belnet we are planning for our ... your ... future.  We have worked very closely with Ameritech, Qwest and OarNet to assure we will have the capacity to serve an expanding market.  Our goal is to provide you with reliable, fast, personalized service.  When you call Belnet you are speaking to the owners, and we will work with you to resolve any of your access problems.

We are sure you've asked why pay for our service when you can use one of those "free" services that are popping up all over the place?  Well the answer is really simple.  You get what you pay for.  Busy signals and frequent disconnects are the biggest problems.  And if you've ever had a problem getting things to work with their service chances are you were on hold for quite a while and the answer you got was not even related to your problems.

Some things to expect from us in the near future ...

We have plans to double our modem capacity within the next six months. 
On-line Sign-up for our services

To all Belnet customers, we have some important information ...
As of 7:17 AM on 4-19-01 the lines are back up and working. Ameritech/OARNet are looking into the cause of the outage.  

As of 6:00 AM on 4-19-01 we are currently having problems with the lines. Ameritech/OARNet are testing the lines, there is no ETA at this time for when they we be done.  
Thank you, Belnet.

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