56K Dial-Up Residental Service

Belnet has local dial-up access available to most of the Metro Dayton area and to the southern suburbs.  Our local POPs (Points of Presence) support the v.90, 56K dial-up standard.  Our modems have been configured to allow the fastest connects possible for dial-up service.  Currently we have only one number for you to call for access.  We have plans to add addtional dial-up numbers as well as additional POPs.  Check here frequently to find out if we have added your city to our list and what the dial-up number will be.

Each Standard dial-up account includes 5 E-Mail addresses and 30 MB of personal web space to publish personal web pages at no additional charge.  We offer our users "Un-metered" access.  What does this mean to you?  We don't care how many hours a month you use.  Each dial-up account also has access to our full Newsgroups feed and UNIX shell account.

When you call Belnet you are speaking to the owners. We will strive to meet your needs and to resolve your problems promptly.  Help is available by calling our office number (yes we will add an additional number for customer support in the future).  Help is also available online through E-Mail and by reading our Support section.

Pricing Plans

1 Year Pre-paid access is $179.40 ($14.95 per month)

6 Months Pre-paid access is $107.70 ($17.95 per month)
3 Months Pre-paid access is $55.50 ($18.50 per month)
1 Month Pre-paid access is $19.95

All residential accounts have a $15 setup fee. We are waiving this fee for the first 150 cutomers who sign up for 6 months or longer.

Special Promotions

  • Every user who brings a new subscriber who signs up for 6 months or longer will receive 1 month of free access.
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